Oud Conynsbergh Winery

Stop by and taste our wines from Boechout. What's your favourite? The Auxerrois, Gamay, Pinot Noir or Blanc de Noirs from Oud Conynsbergh? Discover it in our wine shop or the tasting room by the Boechout mill.


De volgende dagen zijn wij gesloten wegens privé evenementen: zondag 15/05 I zaterdag 04/06 vanaf 16u I zondag 05/06.

Taste our wines

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on holidays you are welcome to taste our wines in a pleasant setting.

Come along and enjoy a glass of Boechout wine and local tapas on our sunny terrace, with a view of the vineyard.

All the wines we serve, can be bought to enjoy them later at home. 

our wines