About Oud Conynsbergh

In 2011, a group a friends decided to plant a vineyard in Boechout. The first vignes were planted in 2014. Their plan was initially received with scepticism, but nowadays Winery Oud Conynsbergh proofs that promising wines are also made in Antwerp. 

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The table of 8

The founding of the Oud Conynsbergh Wine Estate fulfills the dream of eight friends from Boechout. It all started with an ambitious plan. They did their research beforehand and did not allow themselves to be discouraged by setbacks. The friends took courses in viniculture and created a brand-new wine estate.

The eight friends take care of the wine estate and have put their heart and soul into this project. In doing so, they intend to revive the historic wine culture in Boechout and Vremde. After all, even in the 16th century there were vignes in this town.

Team of volunteers 

A team of dozens of volunteers shares the same passion and enables the dream of a wine estate in Boechout to come true. They help the members of 'The table of 8' to maintain the wine estate, pick the grapes, organise the wine festival, etc. 

Would you like to join them? Be sure to sign up and we will contact you at the next available opportunity.
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Our vineyard

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A. Testing vineyard

The first vineyard was planted by the mill with a surface area of half a hectare. The location, along with the soil samples, gave us high hopes right from the start. We mainly experiment with different grapes and pruning techniques in this vineyard. The quality of the wine is optimised based on our research here. 

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B. Melkkuip Vineyard

This vineyard has a surface area of 1.3 hectares. It is situated near Boshoek and Melkkuipstraat in Boechout. This vineyard is beautifully located at the edge of the village and it even enjoys a micro-climate. The vineyard is on a slight incline and the soil consists of light-loam earth with a clay-like sub-soil. This makes the soil eminently suited to the Pinot Noir.

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C. Kapelleveld Vineyard

This vineyard in Vremde lies at the intersection of Millegemweg and Eekstraat. This vineyard, with a surface area of 1.5 hectares, is located somewhat lower than the other vineyards. The soil mainly consists of sandy, loamy earth. This is the perfect soil for the Auxerrois grape, which has been planted throughout the entire acreage. 

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D. Mussenhoeveveld Vineyard

The surface water drops to minus 15 metres at this 5-hectare vineyard in the summer. The less effort the grapevine needs to make in order to reach the water, the better it is for the character of the wine. The soil consists of sandy, loamy earth with some light-loam earth. There is a limestone layer in this soil which consists of shells from the Tertiary period. This is highly suitable for white wine, as well as for rosé and sparkling wine. In 2019, this vineyard was expanded by around 1,000 Muscat grape plants and 3,000 Pinot Blanc plants.

Cycle along our vineyards

We are proud to take you along our 4 vineyards with this cycling route. Pick up the map from Den Steenen Molen in Boechout or download it here. Jump on your bike and discover it yourself - have fun!