Our partners

For our tasting room, we selected a number of local products that harmonize with our wine and the philosophy of the estate. In addition, you can also find us at high-quality restaurants and selected traders.

Local partnerships

In addition to our own wines, we also serve a number of selected local products in the wine-tasting room of the estate. We deliberately opted for local initiatives and together with them we selected products that go perfectly with our wines. 

Chocolates - Belisy
Chocolates made by Boechoutenaar Wim Verbrugghe, with a ganache flavored by our 'Sterke van Boechout'.

Cheeses - De Lochtenberg
Cheeses from an artisan farm in Merksplas, where they make significante cheeses according to a traditional recipe.

Cold cuts -  De Laet & Van Haver
Selected cold cuts from De Laet & Van Haver in Hove, where craftsmanship and quality are two of their main values. 
Odoo + afbeelding en tekst
Odoo + afbeelding en tekst
Bieren - Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Brewery 3 Fonteinen is one of the last traditional lambic breweries and authentic Geuze distilleries. Deeply rooted in the Senne Valley and the Pajottenland is their history, cultural traditions and terroir.
Gougeres - Les Soeurs Millers
Cheese puffs developed by fellow villager Filip Peeters, with cheeses from 'De Lochtenberg'.

Ambachtelijk Desembrood - Serafine
Sourdough bread, baked by a young baker, with flour milled at the Boechout Mill.

Coffee/tea/iced-tea - Satemwa
Together with us, Wouter selected a number of tea blends, a coffee blend and iced tea, from the Satemwa plantation in Malawi.

Enjoy our wines

Want to taste our wines in combination with refined dishes? We work together with a number of high-quality restaurants, where the wines of Oud Conynsbergh come into their own even better.

Interested in serving our wines ? Contact  us for an introductory meeting.
Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding


’t Pomphuis - Antwerpen

Bardeau - Antwerpen

Bart à Vin – Antwerpen

Bistrot Miro - Antwerpen

Deli De Mama – Antwerpen

Dim Dining - Antwerpen

Fiera – Antwerpen

Het Gebaar * - Antwerpen

Het Gerecht - Antwerpen

L' amitié - Antwerpen

Les Années Folles - Antwerpen

Zilte *** - Antwerpen

Brasserie Flor - Beerse

Bistro Magali - Berchem

De Schone van Boskoop - Boechout

Barabas - Boechout

Bistro Vintage - Kontich

Nuance ** - Duffel

Stable - Edegem

Noordland - Hoogstraten

Butcher’s Dining - Hove

Lam & Yin * - Schoten


Fifty 50 - Gent

Hof Van Cleve *** - Kruishoutem

Blunch - Zele

Vlaams Brabant

Les Eleveurs - Halle

Velours-bar - Halle

Het land aan de overkant - Leuven

Oud Sempst - Zemst


De Ceder - Kruibeke

Flavie's Tafel  - Nieuwpoort

Hobo's  - Waregem

Next to our webshop and the shop at the mill, you can find us at following selected dealers.


Anverres - Antwerpen

Belgian Wines - Antwerpen

Lokkal - Antwerpen

Basalt Wines - Brasschaat

Quali Drinks - Mechelen

De Kroon - Wijnegem

Vlaams Brabant

Despert & Co - Leuven

Oeno Belgium  - Asse

Le Goût du vin  - Kessel-lo


Santé Wines - Brugge